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Over the River and Through the Wood   by L. Maria Child, illustrated by Matt Tavares

2011 Oppenheim Gold Seal Award

Over the River and
Through the Wood

Oppenheim Gold Seal Award

"A lovely way to start the season."
-The New York Times

"A charming and dynamic rendition of the song about Thanksgiving Day.... Tavares's watercolor, ink, and pencil illustrations are crisp and bright, expertly capturing the wind-whipped outdoor scenes..."
-School Library Journal

"Tavares crafts a polished tribute to another holiday classic... This version preserves Child's original punctuation and spellings, and while the song's later verses probably won't be instantly recognizable..., readers' familiarity with the tune will carry them through. So will Tavares's paintings, a mix of watercolors, gouache, and pencil whose crispness is well suited to the wintry 19th century setting.... Tavares evokes both the frosty ride and the cozy rewards and journey's end."
-Publisher's Weekly

"Wintry new illustrations recall the forgotten landscape of Child's traditional Thanksgiving song.... Careful readers will enjoy tiny details in the illustrations.... an ideal grandparent gift."
-Kirkus Reviews

"A beautiful presentation of the holiday classic, Matt Tavares brings to life the well-known song. The illustrations are lively and truly bring to life the holiday spirit.
-The Franklin Lakes Journal

"A stunning book of song with the feel of yesteryear.  Beautiful matte pages with the slightest texture.  Stately red endpapers.  Exquisite artwork... An ideal picture book."
-Picture Book Reviews

"Tavares's illustrations make the characters real and help readers imagine each line by providing a visual complement. He adds his own subplot, and children will enjoy pointing it out from page to page. Tavares's watercolor, ink, and pencil illustrations evoke the quaint charm of an American town many years ago. His characters' animated facial expressions and body language (including that of the family dogs) bring fresh energy to his paintings and the song."
-National Association for the Education of Young Children

"Stunning illustrations..."
-Red River Family Magazine

"I experienced pure awe when I went through this children's book. Child's poem is embedded with illustrations that are nothing less than works of art.... I suggest taking time to walk through the pictures with your children and talk about the details to experience its full impact."
-Little Ones Magazine

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OVER THE RIVER AND THROUGH THE WOOD. Illustrations copyright © 2011 Matt Tavares.
Reproduced by permission of the publisher, Candlewick Press, Inc., Somerville, MA.